Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow....can you say Slacker!!!!! Yes, one day I will actually update everyone on what's new! Man time just keeps to be going by faster and faster! Hopefully I will post a few pics soon. Hope that everyone is doing well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy July

So July has pretty much been a crazy month for us. First, we took off down to Utah for the 4th of July weekend. This is pretty much my favorite holiday, because I know that we get to just hang out with our family and eat some good food. On the fourth I took the kids to the Murray parade with some of Joe's family, while he went to play nice for him right! We headed off to my Grandmas house that night for a barbecue. (Let just say Grandma out did herself this year....hamburgers, hot dogs, my personal favorite, her avocado dip and chips, and who could forget the salsa to! Lots of fruit and of course, Grandmas famous rice crispy treats!! It was a blast. Grandma only lives a block away from Sugar House Park, so instead of walking over to the park, we set up camp in her driveway and have the best view out of anybody. Then we came home for 5 days and packed up the car once again for a camping trip with the Noble clan. We went to this place called Redmans. We had a great time. It is so fun to hang out with Joe's family, and my kids have a blast hanging with their cousins. Then we came home and have been on the go it seems like every day. Oh ya, forgot to throw in Joe's Birthday on the 6th. It was very low key, and since he claims he never got to have a true birthday party....let's just say me and the kids gave him one heck of a party. Landon also had a birthday. I cannot believe that he is 6 years old. Where is the time going. He will be in first grade!! He is very much into Star Wars right now, so he go alot of Star Wars Lego's and is having fun building whatever his little imagination will let him. The boys have also really taking a liking to golf, and so Joe will usually take the boys to hit golf balls at the course a couple time a week. The wheat harvest is about to hit up here in little old Burley, and so my little farmer Joe will be very busy for the next 6 weeks, so me and the kids are packing ups and heading to Utah to hang out with family and play hard for the next 2 weeks. This summer is flying by, and before you know it the kids will be back in school....which is not a bad thing:)
Camping with Joe's family. This is after a hike we took....and this is not even close to everyone in his family.

So I bought this pool for the kids, and let me just say, this is the best investment!! These kids are entertained for hours by this.......who needs a lake or community pool, when we have both right in our backyard!This is Joe's first "real" birthday party, with balloons, hats and games.....all planned out by the boys of course. It seemed like the party was never going to end....we will see if he wants another one next year. Hey, you asked for a party, and you got a party!
Landon's birthday. This is one of his many gifts...spoiled rotten if you ask me. He loves building stuff out of Lego's, especially if it as to do with Star Wars.

Monday, June 29, 2009

O.k. so, if I could ever get time to sit down and put in email addresses life would be just fine, but since I have 3 kids on summer break who keep me very busy, I have not been able to have my blog go private yet. This is taking me a bit longer than expected. Hopefully after the 4th of July I can make it happen, for now enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

Baseball, baseball and more baseball..........

I am one proud mama!!! This year both the boys played baseball. Landon still is in t-ball, and Joe decided to be the coach for his team this year. What a year to be the coach...the lucky color of the jersey's this year, was purple. You should have seen Joe's face when I gave him his shirt. I am positive, he was ready to back out as head coach. Landon played great, and since they don't keep score in this league, he had a great "undefeated" season! Next year it is off to the big leagues for Landon, he will go to machine pitch, and they actually keep score. Good luck little buddy.
Carson's games were fun and intense. Who know I could get so worked up at my 8 years olds games. ( I get that from my mom) Carson was on a great team this year. He is such a great little player ( he gets his natural ability to play the game from me, right Joe?) They only lost 3 games all season, and on Saturday they played a team they have not won yet for 3rd place. Winner of that game goes to the championship game. put it nicely, we smoked them 19-9. Now it is off for the big trophy!! Good luck Carson!!!! HOMERUN.

Just messing around!!

Abby had her hair in two pigails that were wrapped up in buns the other day, and when we took them out this was the result. She thought it was so funy, and kept running to the mirror to see herself.

So what to do on a Sunday afternoon after church....well, have a jump off of course. Best investment we ever made.... O.K. not really(cross your fingers, no borken bones from the tramp yet). Our kids love to go out and play games on the tramp. The kids thought it would be fun to jump as high as they could and have me take a pictures of them.

Monday, June 15, 2009

10 years!!!!

Goofing around at lunch

Joe at the Padre game


Oh my, 10 Years....can you believe it. Yep, Joe and I have been married for 10 years.....seems like forever right Joe???? A lot has happened in 10 years,..11 moves (one that took us out of state), 3 kids, 4 cars, numerous church callings, 2 fish ( lets be honest, they barley lived a week, but we will count them) 1 dog...(remember who "accidentally" ran away), lots of fun family vacations, 1 baptism, and well to many other things to list. These years seemed to have flown by. We were thinking of all the things that will happen when we celebrate 10 more years, and this scares me....Carson will be driving and will be 18 years old...graduating from High School. Landon will just be getting his drivers license, Abby will be getting ready to be a teenager....(heaven help us all when this one happens), probably will still be living in Burley..( who would have thought), probably a another car or two I am sure, hopefully many more fun family vacations, maybe a little drama, being that we will having 3 kids who are teenagers, and who knows what else is in store for us. I can't wait to find out. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband! We got to take a trip to San Diego for our anniversary. It was a blast, and nice to just get away from everything! Thanks to all of our great family and friends for all of your love and support you have show to Joe and I over these last 10 years.

Going Private!!!!!

So, I recently have noticed alot of visitors on my blog, and well, I am just not sure who you are? Some are even from other countries? Uhhhh... I have had alot of friends who have recently found pictures of their kids on other sites, and that scares the heck out of me. Who does that? Well, I am going to go private at the end of the week, so if you are intrested in still being able to log onto our blog, send me an email at, or leave a comment with your email address and I will add you to a list. This way when you go to our blog, you will just have to type in your email address to view our blog, and you can't log on unless I add your email myself. I started this blog to keep track of all the different things that happen in our lives. I also discovered a website where they will make your blog into a book, so you can have it as a keepsake. ( It beats scrap booking, well at least for me, I was never dedicated enough to keep up with the whole scrapbooking stuff.) We would love to have you keep following what is going on with us, so let me know!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

O.k. so I am not sure what the heck just happened the other night!! One minute it was as calm as could be outside. The kids were out riding their bikes, and the next minute, I saw this wall of dust coming straight for us. It suddenly got very dark outside, and we ran inside just in time. Within about 5 minutes the power had gone off and we heard this loud boom in the backyard. After the winds calmed down, we went outside and this is what we of our 60ft pine trees had fallen right over! To this day I am not sure how it did not go through our house. If the wind had been blowing just a little bit more to the right, it would have been a direct hit! WOW We did lose our covered patio and Joe's poor little grill got demolished, but everyone was safe and we are counting our blessings today. Now, I knew moving up here that the winds literally never stop, but this was crazy! Thanks to all of our wonderful neighbors and friends for lending a hand in the clean up!!! I think it might be time to consider taking down all the trees in our back yard, that could possibly hit our house:) Just a thought